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Why Tow Ready?

Since launching in 2011, we believe improper, illegal and predatory tows should be a thing of the past. Tow Ready Software stores and manages a detailed profile for each vehicle violation, complete with pictures that are uploaded as evidence per vehicle cited, processed, or towed. This is all done remotely on-site by a company Tagger, Driver or Property Manager using a GPS enabled smart phone or tablet in real-time. Because Tow Ready Software is cloud-based and runs in real-time it is also integrated with Google Maps and Open Streets for easy GPS navigation to properties or vehicles in violation by Tow Drivers or Taggers.

Your company can use this software on the move to coincide with dispatch, the home Office Manager, or Admin. Tow Ready Software is also optimized to be used on IOS tablets to include iPad and iPad Mini, all Android tablets and all Windows tablets.

Continous Development

Due to rapid updates, versioning and releases requested by our loyal customers we rarely have a complete list of features TRS is capable of doing. Please contact us for a complete list.

Rock Hard Security

Since Porperty Managers can sign and fax important information regarding Tow Requests. Also approve or deny tow authroizations we have made the use and security of TRS top-notch.

Show Some Love

Request a demo today of TRS. Call Us Now! For a FREE no obligation demo 1-702-723-8446. Let us walk you through the software and answer any and all questions you may have.

  • Very Modular

    Tow Ready Software allows an insane amout of changes and updates since all parts are moving and modular you can make it dance to the tune of your particular needs.

  • More Tows, Less Paperwork

    Dump your pens, Shred those old sheets of paper, eliminate your dispatch calls, pick up any device with an internet access and you are in business with TRS.

  • Private Property Impound

    No other Towing Software handles Private Property Impounds and processing like TRS does. We invented and are always re-defining the process.

  • TRS is Nimble

    We are small, nimble and a very active software. We are constantly building more features and doing more to enrich the Private Property Impound and general Tow Requests and processing.

  • From Patrol to Impound

    TRS handles the entire process from Patroling, Citations, Towing and Impounding and Storage. Along with fee processing and every process tracking.

Why you would love TRS!


Here is a taste of what to expect from Tow Ready Software. This is what we call entry-level, our sights are way past these.

Cloud Based

Tow Ready Software is cloud based as such allows you to access the software from virtually any device with an internet connection.


Tow Ready Software is Mobile and Tablet ready, so you can use it on the go, TRS taps in your devices GPS co-ordinates to track.


Using at least 2 military GPS Satelites at any one time, TRS is set to track a user, device or vehicle down to a a feet in any direction.


Tow Ready Software pushes live and real-time updates to all devices so all users get what they need where ever they are.

Multiple Users

Support for Multiple users and users types Tow Ready Software has a vast list of permissions and usages per user type.


TRS will collect and store an unlimited amout of high quality images per violation for review at anytime by all parties.


Setup custom Billing and Fee Collection for all Tow, Storage and Impound related duties. Including Drop Fees. Cash or Cards.


TRS process impound lots and what is sent in and when it is paid for and released. Tracks how many miles and storage fees as well.


Collect and store Docs from your Properties for when it is needed or to review. Never rely on a filing cabinet again. Let TRS do it all for you.


TRS will also collect, and use signature for all Tow Sheet requests if needed by State Law from Managers and then faxes and emails sheets to Tow Company.


Using an Industry Leader in online payments TRS is set to collect payments on all installs. Complete with SSL certificate for security and PCI compliance.


TRS handles all e-Faxes to Tow Company from Property Managers. Sign and Fax those authorization sheets, keep your business transparent and fair.


Never miss a signing or an expiring contract, let TRS store and remind you of when a contract is about to expire so you can renew with property.


Tow Ready Software utilizes SMS messages for reminders and or notications to changes on a property or anything that needs attentions as needed.


We process monthly, weekly and daily/nightly backups for all TRS installs, so incase of an outage or an act of God your data is recoverable.

GEO Fencing

Track who enters and when they entered or left a GEO Zone you set up, so you know where and what your Drivers and Taggers are up to.


Customized notifications from the system. SMS or Email. Using your internal Mailbox you can attend to matters that need your attention on time.


Send a message to users, campaigns, Thank You's, Notices, Warnings to Drivers or Taggers, Alerts. Send to one, all or groups.


Everything in TRS is customizable, already in place or by request, at no extra charge. Customize it the way you like or ask us to do it.


We don't force your customers to log into our domain, you use your own domain, they log on and remember your company. Your own logo and contact info.

Free Domain

We will purchase a domain name for you if you don't have one already and FREE for the life of your license with us. A Top Level Domain too.

Continous Integration

Because nothing in life is perfect, we will make just about any change requested. We are also always poling and collecting data to improve ourselves.


Get concrete approvals from Property Managers, stay on the legal side of things. NO more illegal tows, or mistaken tows.


We use a User/Pass/PIN and SSL Certificates and many other features to keeping Tow Ready Software secure and safe to use by all parties.


Search everything. Search for Violations long processed, Search by VIN, License and/or many other details. Tackle an issue quickly and efficiently.


You should be able to see all reports, just about anything important. See who is doing well, what properties need more attention e.t.c.


Collect Fees and monies owed for services during and after the Tow process, from impound, to storage to state and local fees and liens.


Track all user activities as it happens in the system, want to know who accessed what and when? Want to know who is active and when they are?


Because you don't want have your Taggers aimlessly driving around to any Property that pops up on their screen, easily guide them to where they need to go.


We are here to help, by SMS, Email, Phone and or a Knowledgebase, and for FREE and will always be FREE for support. So use us to your hearts content.

VIN Decoding

Decode VIN numbers to get their Make, Models, and to find out if they are a repeat offender. Have they been entered into TRS before?

Violation Images

Unlimited images per violation and always will be, snap away, fast mobile uploads and processing of images for review by anyone later.

Mobile Printing

Citations can take a long time when done manually, using a mobile printer we can issue citation warning right from TRS on the go. PRINT, STICK N GO.


Highway Emergency Response Operator as well as Drivers can notify Dispatch and main office of any issues with one-click. Dispatch can act follow-up instantly.

Saved Reports

Never miss a report. Build any custom report to your liking and save that report to use at anytime. All reports are downloadable as well.

Joint Mitigations

Entire process to allow one Operator to act as a Support/Backup for another Operator already on a Mitigation simply using a Mitigation #ID.

GPS Playback

Playback the route that User took, simply by doing a search by Name Date Range. You will be presented with a drawn route on a map showing playback tracks.


Collect Cash or Card Payments. Using an Industry Leader in online payments to collect payments. Complete with SSL certificate for security and PCI compliance.


Handle mitigations in multipla cities, Admins and Dispatch can also sort, track and review mitigations in all cities accessed by the software.

Fuel Logs

Collect and store Fuel/Gas purchases, types of purchases, Truck and Operator information, payment information, fuel stations, GPS location of purchase, receipts e.t.c.

Mileage Logs

Track the mileage on your trucks, when it was used, by who and in what City or Route. Detailed search based on miles driven in a given period of time and by what Operator.

Drop Fee / Lien/Storage Fees

Collect Cash or Card Payments for Drop Fees as well as storage / lien / towed fee at the Impound Counter or on the field securely using Stripe.


Manage hours worked, and process payroll for all users of TRS. Users can Clock-In, Clock-Out, Take Breaks all without the need for a slip.

Manage Pay & Commissions

Set each User's Hourly pay and Commission pay structures. Hard commissions, or percentage commissions on work duties around Tagging, Towing, Impounding and Helpers.

PPI Tow Authorization

Collect signatures from Property Managers to use with PPI Tow Authorizations. Print out authorizations with legal documentation and vehicle information.

Release Authorization

Customer Sigantures collected for Release of vehicles complete with legal lettering for indemnification and Customers details and full charge details. Printed or Emailed.

Connect with us!


Tow Ready Software. The best in Towing Logistics, Billing, Impound, Private Property Management and Tow Requests.


Pull away the curtain and below is what you get behind the scenes making TRS tick like a well wound clock.


Chris Obigho

Creator, Chief Nerd

Chris Obigho is the founder and creator of Tow Ready Software. Chris has being a Software Engineer for over 12+ years. Chris is an avid Soccer player, loves to swim and travel the world when he is not coding away at his desk which he doesn't consider to be work, as he loves every second of it. Happily married to his wife Kristi and they have a son together.


Kristi Obigho

Operations, Major Nerd

Kristi is the operations queen, always managing all aspects and logistics relating to the business and making sure everyone gets paid and is happy working. Kristi loves to travel the world along with Chris her husband and their son.


William Mark

Support, Major Nerd

Will is another nerd who literally could be a clone of Chris. With over 6 years under his belt, he was hired on to help support most Software applications created by Chris. Will's hobbies include flying small jets as a private pilot and loves to fly recreationally on the weekends.


Tanya Crispin

Accounts, Baby Nerd

Tanya is our go to girl for all client research and appreciation programs. She works along the same lines as Kelly and was hired on to provide said support. Tanya loves to dance and is currently attending college part-time for law. She is a Super Star.


Bernard Yote

Accounts, Baby Nerd

Another one of our account Super Stars, Ben also provides support for Will when Chris over-works him. All in good fun. Ben likes video games and loves sushi. We get a lot of Japanese delivery at the office thanks to Ben.

A Few Snapshots of TRS

Some image highligths of our software and it's uses.

Login Page

Login Page

Login Page for all installs of TRS. White-Labeled so your customers know it's your company. Also TRS is served from your domain name not as a sub-domain of ours, so your clients remember your address everytime.



The first page all users land on after successful login. Has some overview information about the software.

Main Info Page

Main Info/Grid Page

This page is the most common and holds details about violations and much more at a glance, it's interactive and links to many functions.

Customize My Grid

Customize My Grid

All users have the ability to display a little or a lot of information on their grid page. Customized to each unique user.

Logistics Page

Logistics Page

As an Admin view all Users, Violations, GEO Fences, Accidents and Tow Requests on a Map via GPS tracking activated for all.

Account Details

Account Details

Each user can customize, change personal acount settings and or enable features like SMS or update notification reminders.



TRS has a built-in mailbox so you can receive all your notifications without fear of them being missed or lost in junk or spam folders.

Adding Violations

Adding Violations

A Mobile friendly violation addition page. All of TRS is responsive and meets the dimensions of any device and mimicks it;s native functions for seamless cross-device use.

Upload Images

Upload Images

Upload images one at a time or as a group before, during or after violation entry, use native device controls to manage image upload on button presses.

Draw GEO Fences/Zones

Draw GEO Fences/Zones

Using your mouse draw around an area on any map, you want to watch for activity from your drivers/taggers. Get notices as they leave or enter zones.

Manage Users

Manage Users

After adding Users you can manage their permissions, update their access, find and or see what is going on with a user.

Add Users

Add Users

Adding users to the system, select the user type and type in all details needed to create the user.

Adding Customers

Adding Customers

Adding Customers manually before impound collection goes here, when a Customer however comes to a collect and pay at a cashier this step is done automatically.

Customer View

Customer View

Customer View shows all customers at a glance, who paid, who is pending, what they paid and more details when clicked.

Adding Properties

Adding Properties

This is where we add properties to our system, what they want to process, when to patrol, who has access to approve and so much more.

Property Groups

Property Groups

We also cater to Property Groups, and all properties within said groups, complete with their own access, or one access to all at once.

Violation Types

Violation Types

Handle any type of violation requested by your properties, cities or self imposed, we give you the access to create and the system automatically knows what to do.

Violation Status

Violation Status

Because every part of TRS is modular and all controllable, you have a lot of deep and little controls for everything statues is one.

Mass Mail

Mass Mail

Want to send out a mass mail to all your users or a certain group? Have a special message or party to annouce? Got for it.

Impound and Storage

Impound and Storage

Yes TRS automatically calculates all tow, transportation, impound, storage and lien fees for you. Even allows you to bill the customer when they show up to collect their cars.

Billing Made Simple

Billing Made Simple

Preview fees, collect payments, print out receipts, show your customer their detailed charges so they are not confused. Be professional and courteous in a difficult situation.



See all and every type of reports, Violations, Users, Properties, Drivers, Taggers, Customer e.t.c the list goes on, see commission, progress, who your top guy is, who your top property is, the list is long.

Customized Fees

Customized Fees

Because everything should be modular you can customize literally everything about your fees and what you charge and for anything.

Custom Charges

Custom Charges

Never miss a charge, is your business changing, need to charge a special fee? Create it and it will automatially go on the customer's bill and receipt come payment time.



Logs logs logs, see all user activity within the system and what they are doing.



Archives, just because we don't like to delete records, so shelve them with our archiving system for undoing later if needed.

Need Help?

Need Help?

Because sometimes you need a question answered faster than an SMS or EMAIL we have create a live help/knowledgebase with steps to doing just about anything in TRS. But support is FREE and 100% of the time, so reach out if you want.



Search by date, time, VIN, License Plates, Properties, Users e.t.c TRS is a very heavily searchable software. Never miss anything when doing your research.



Accept Signatures for Tow Sheets or requests, have the sheet faxed and emailed to you, with your Property Manager's signature. Proof of approval to collect vehicles in violations.



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